• Care & Support Project in collaboration with FHI, USAID, UNICEF, Nigeria, National Action

    Committee (NACA)
  • Adolescent reproductive health Girl child project in collaboration with the MarcArthur foundation.
  • Child Development, HIV/AIDS and child rights project with UNICEF Nigeria.
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program with UNICEF, Federal & State Ministries of

    Health, Nigeria.
  • HIV/AID materials development with Ford Foundation.


  • OVC project in collaboration with UNICEF, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), Federal & Oyo State

  • HIV/AID prevention and gender mainstreaming in collaboration with CEDPA, Nigeria.
  • Short stay clinical services for PLWHA in collaboration with Health Institutions in Nigeria.


  • Care of orphans: To date there are over 1,820 HIV/AIDS orphans registered and known to

    FAHPAC. Through our sponsorship schemes 215 orphans are being supported by funds from

    UNICEF and Glaxo-Smith Kline (GSK) Nigeria while 1407 are being sponsored by private

    individuals. At the FAHPAC complex in Ibadan, we provide early childcare education for 88

    orphans and have successfully set up small-scale businesses for 110 Orphans.

  • Support for widows: Financial support has been given to 525 windows while 285 have gone

    through our vocational/skills development program.

  • People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA): In the last 10 years we have successfully provided

    1,650 PLWHA with home care and at least 1,032 PLWHA have benefited from our services.

  • Training and empowering Peer Educators: Over 25,000 in and out of school young people

    empowered with life skills and vocation skills through FAHPAC. 1,200 youth have also undergone

    our mentoring program.

  • NGO/CBO Mentoring: 105 CBOs and 65 smaller NGOs have been mentored in different zones of


  • FEET: has successfully performed at both national and international levels.

Plans for the future:

  1. Establish a regional OVC program network across Africa
  2. Establish sustainable venture to support OVC care providers.
  3. Organise annual conference for young PLWHA in the south west of Nigeria.
  4. Mentoring and support additional 3 PLWHA support group.
  5. Support training and establishment of Children AIDS Vanguard in Primary schools in 3 region of Nigeria.
  6. Conduct leadership training for young people and establish a net work
  7. Launching of National network of Association of couples in marital enrichment
  8. Collaborate to conduct research on rational for persistence of a non use of protective methods during sexual intercourse by young people in Nigeria
  9. Support the strengthening of the CARERS Forum in Nigeria.


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FAHPAC collaborates with different categories of interest groups to strengthen their capacity to plan and implement developement programs in various ways. Some of the collaborators include:


  • The MacArthur Foundation
  • FHI : Family Health International
  • CEDPA :Center For Development And Population Activities
  • FORD Foundation
  • NACA- National Agency for control of AIDS.
  • PathFinder International
  • JHUCCP- John hopkins University Center for Communication Programme.


Institutions (Academic and Hospitals)

  • Adeoyo Specialist Hospital

University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan

Corporate Organisations



Many of our projects have been sponsored by individuals, members of FAHPAC, Board of Trustees and other well meaning persons. Most of the orphans and vulnerable children we support are being maintained by the OVC sponsoring scheme.