HIV Program

It was revealed by the ART Centre, General Hospital, Oyo Town, in Oyo State, Nigeria, that almost all children living with HIV/AIDS being treated at the centre fail to comply with their appointments dates. Some of them even fail completely to come back to collect their drugs after a few visits. These drugs are to assist them maintain good health despite their HIV Status. Investigation revealed that this defaulting resulted from being Orphans, ignorance of the disease by the caregivers, poverty and long distance to the ART Centre. FAHPAC took up the challenges and intervened realizing inherent danger in non compliance with drug regimen for the children and other implications to the society. Some of the consequences are as follows: • Drug Resistance • Severe ill health • Death • Spread of the infections • Family burden. More facts

Care and Support Services for people living with AIDs.

In the beginning — WHEN AIDS HAD NO FACE!! FAHPAC —A CARING Organization Indeed !!! When "AIDS HAD NO FACE" FAHPAC Unwrapped the Misery of AIDS. Removed the Idea: Those who will die from the stigma attached to AIDS. Entered all dangerous corners, homes to give hope to the hopeless proved that A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND DEED! FAHPAC was always there for PLWHA in the Hospital, Home, on Road ,FAR & Near Oyo to Onitsha, Benue, Niger,Lagos,kano,Kogi etc to put smiles on the faces of the HIV/AIDS Even without current Drugs FAHPAC Saved Lives. Glory be to God


FAHPAC is working extensively in care and support services to orphans and children at risk.

This 3-years old child now was the only survival of the family in a delapidated building shown in the clips above. FAHPAC enrolled the child precisely on Decemeber 5th 2008 and now he is, by the grace of God, in the transit home managed by FAHPAC in community care child center, ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. Click here to view the picture in full-page.